What is OGSP?

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what is ogsp

Oil and Gas Safety Passport (OGSP) System is a series of training programs designed by NIOSH (National Institute of Safety & Health) for specific target groups on specific occupational safety and health matters and for specific industries.
The system provides appropriate training and assessment to ensure the target group acquires the safety and health knowledge required in their jobs and meets legal requirements and company policies.
This training series includes Induction For Plant Access. The course have a 2 types. Which is, OGSP Level 1 and Level 2 program. OGSP Level 1 is for new employees and OGSP Level 2 is for renewal. To obtain this OGSP, candidates need to attend a training + continuous assessment for duration of 7 hours.
An OGSP card with a validity of three (3) years will be given to candidates who pass the assessment.

Benefits of OGSP

  • Reduce accidents, downtime and increase productivity.
  • Facilitating companies from the work to train their staff and contractor staff from basic safety induction for plant access.
  • Provide an independent and authoritative assessment system by a third party recognized by the industry and government.
  • Ensure the contractor complies with minimum legal requirements.
  • Provide standard training for companies in the same industry.
  • Eliminate excessive training for contractors as “passports” obtained are recognized throughout the country.

Insurance Benefits

  • 3 years insurance coverage
  • Group NIOSH Family Takaful Plan
    Accidental death (AD) -RM 12,000
  • Permanent Disability due to Accident (PA) -RM 10,000
  • Normal death ( D) -RM 2000
  • Permanent Ability (PTD) -RM 2000
  • Funeral Expenses (FE) -RM 500
  • Hospital treatment benefit (HBA) -RM 30 / day (max. 30 days)


This course a basic introduction and easy to understand for anyone who is interested in following this course. After completing the course, there will be a written exam to assess the participants’ understanding of symbols, deeds, etc. If they pass, they will be able to get an OGSP card. For more details regarding course registration, you may whatsapp or email us.

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